8 Mysteries of Mount Bromo, East Java

8 Mysteries of Mount Bromo, East Java

8 Mysteries of Mount Bromo, East Java

1. Naming History of Mount Bromo

His name is absorbed from the name of a god in the belief of Hindus, namely the god Brahma, symbol of holiness. In a belief, Mount Bromo keeps a series of heirlooms inherited from the god Brahma.

2. The Place of Living in the Gods

Bromo is very close to the teachings of Hinduism, the Hindu community in the area of ​​Mount Bromo believes that the mountain is a place of residence of the gods who always protect them. The gods there were Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

3. Shelter for the Majapahit Kingdom

In the past, the Majapahit kingdom had experienced bitter things. They were attacked by troops who were allies from various regions. Feeling unable to resist the attack, they also sought a place of escape. One group took refuge on the island of Bali and one group took refuge on Mount Bromo. That’s why Bali and the Bromo region have a lot in common.

The group that was taking refuge in Mount Bromo, finally asked for protection from the gods who sheltered it. Then the gods, especially Brahma, lent loans to the Majapahit royal army.

4. The story of Asmara Joko Seger and Roro Anteng

Talking about the legend of Mount Bromo, we cannot escape the love story that took place between Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. The Tengger name on Mount Bromo was taken from the combination of the two names. an’TENG ‘and se’GER’.

Joko Seger is the son of a Brahmin. He is known for his strength and strength. While Roro Anteng was a very beautiful woman, descendant of Dewa. The bigger, the more beauty is also. They are destined to love each other, a mighty and handsome man and a gentle and beautiful woman, that’s Joko Seger and Roro Anteng.

5. Legend of Mount Batok

Still related to the story above. From time to time, Roro Anteng’s beauty became increasingly famous throughout the country. Many of the king’s children queued to propose to him, but all applications were rejected, because, you know, that Roro Anteng just fell in love with Joko Seger.

Until finally, there was a very powerful young man who came to propose Roro Anteng. The young man said, if his application was rejected, then he would be angry by injuring Roro Anteng’s father and mother. Because he was worried about the safety of his parents, with a heavy heart, Roro Anteng was willing to be invited by the powerful youth. But, with one laden.

The young man must make the area around Bromo as an ocean, so Bromo looks like an island, only in one night, from sunset to sunrise again. This requirement was put forward with the hope that the magic youth would not support it.

But who would have thought, because of his extraordinary magic, the young man accepted the condition with confidence. It turned out to be true, he dug up the land around Bromo with a giant coconut shell. Seeing the magic youth work is almost complete, Rara Anteng does not stay silent, he does not want to spend his life with men he does not love.

Rara Anteng conspired at that time, he pounded rice at night, the chickens who heard the sound of rice collisions, then crowed and shouted at each other, making the atmosphere as good as morning. Seeing this, because he felt annoyed, then the powerful youth threw the giant shell which later on, the giant shell was known as the Batok mountain.

6. The Establishment of a Towering Unseen Kingdom

Occurred, around, in 2015 to 2016. At that time, Bromo experienced an increase in activity. Many supernatural experts claim that the incident was the result of the construction of an 18-level magical kingdom which was done by Ki Bromo.

Ki Bromo is the ruler or leader in the supernatural realm of Mount Bromo. The surrounding community strongly believes in that, they offer offerings to Ki Bromo and his men in the Jinn so that the construction will be stopped immediately.

7. Mystery of Suction Sand on Mount Bromo

Similarly, suction mud in the Amazon forest, Bromo mountain also has sand with the ability to suck humans on it. No one knows where the quicksand points are in the Bromo desert area, except for the original gatekeepers and Tengger residents.

8. Mystery of the Unseen Root

Spiritual practitioners believe that Mount Bromo is wrapped by supernatural roots that are very strong. That said, if there are bad people and have dirty hearts who step on these roots. Then that person will soon experience bad things, even disappear from the human realm.

Thus are the 8 mysteries of Mount Bromo that I can convey. When visiting, take care of your attitude and speech. Because, like it or not, the mysteries can really exist. Interested in this place please order the Mount Bromo tour package that has been offered by travel agents via online.

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