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Bromo Ijen Tour Package the Guide You Need to Know

Bromo Ijen Tour Package, the Guide You Need to Know . When it comes to plan an adventure, Indonesia is a recommended country to visit. Offering plenty of adventurous spots to challenge your adrenaline, it never lets you dissatisfied. For upcoming travel, how about spotting the famous blue fire in Ijen crater? Prepare yourself to see the mesmerizing beauty of eternal fire during the night with highly toxic lake that can threat anyone. It is recommended to get experienced provider for Bromo Ijen tour package to take you there. Here are some guides to know before visiting the dangerously beautiful blue fire in East Java.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package the Guide You Need to Know

Bromo Ijen Tour Package the Guide You Need to Know

For your information, the caldera is 4 km away from the basecamp. Therefore, you need to start to hike at 2 in the morning. Make sure your fitness is in the best level since hiking to Ijen crater will drain your stamina. If you join Bromo Ijen tour package, it will be much safer as they know the best route to take. Thing to note, you will not find any toilet along the way to the caldera. Therefore, make yourself accustomed to this unless you want to hold it all the way.

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Reaching the caldera, you will find it is quite hard to breathe. The sulfur smoke in significant amount is the reason for this. Walking down the path, you have to be really careful. Due to small pathway, you have to walk down one by one. In this area, you need to be really aware of the wind and sulfur. When the wind blows the sulfur, you need to sit down and close your eyes. Put your gas mask and breathe slowly. Your companion from Bromo Ijen tour package will tell you what to do to overcome this. At last, all your effort and struggle will be paid off once you see the amazing blue fire. It looks magical, unique and thrilling at the same time.

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