Tips And Advice In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount Rinjani is one of the highest mountains in Indonesia that is still active but although still active this mountain became a favorite climbing place of many people. The famous mountain of its beauty has a height of 3726 meters making it the second highest active volcano that still remains a favorite tourist destination on the island of Lombok. DuringĀ  Mount Rinjani trekking to the top of Rinjani there will be many interesting things that can be met by climbers ranging from the difficult terrain to the interaction between fellow people who both climbed Mount Rinjani. In climbing Rinjani there are some tips you need to know so that your trips are becoming more interesting and not boring.

Climb in the dry season

Dry season is the most suitable time to climb Mount Rinjani because the weather will be very bright and the scenery around Rinjani will be obvious. In addition to the dry season the tracks traveled by the climbers will be much easier if compared to climb in the rainy season that makes the terrain will be more difficult.

Provide a long time to climb

In addition to be able to enjoy all the natural wealth of Rinjani ranging from forest wilderness, vast grassland to the lake Segara Anak you need to provide a long holiday time because you do not know the possibility that will happen later during the trip. Because it has been proven there are many climbers who failed to get to the summit and enjoy the Segara Anak lake because of the rush on the way.

Hike through cross paths

To get a different experience then you should climb Rinjani through a cross path that is Mount Rinjani trekking from a lane and down through other lanes. This will give the climber more experience when compared to climbing and descending through the same path.

Not climbing alone

The last tip in climbing Rinjani that you should climb in groups as the trip to the top of Rinjani will be very troublesome. Therefore you need the help of others during the climb especially if you approach the peak then you need help and support from your friends.

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