Wrong Conception of Freedom in West Papua

Until this time, the problem of Papua to be free from Indonesia is still becoming one thing that many people highlight. That is because there are still some free west Papua groups that insist that Papua needs to be free from Indonesia. That is because they have to be independent, not related with Indonesia at all. However, there are a lot of experts who said that this is actually a wrong thing to do. Of course, all of the people have their right to be independent, including the people in Papua. However, this is not the right time to be independent. That is because the meaning of freedom that they need to highlight is not the independency. It is the freedom from many bad things that they have experienced in the past.

One example, you cannot deny that the west Papua news say that the development in Papua is one of the slowest in Indonesia. That is one thing that the government have to highlight. There are a lot of kids who do not know about literacy at all. This is something that the government has to deal with. There are also a lot of people who live in fear in Papua, especially if they are not the locals. This is also the things that the government should not ignore. There are still a lot of problems in Papua that the government has to think about.

Unfortunately, even though on the new presidency of Joko Widodo, there is some still west Papua conflict on the intern of the people in Papua itself. That is because there are still some people who do not understand that the President is trying to give the freedom of those things to all of the people in Papua. The President is not supporting any kind of independency to Papua; yet, the President is trying to give the freedom of fear, literacy, poverty, and even the global hegemony.


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